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The Bimp’Air CAPS.250 is the longer version of the standard capsule (CAPS.220). It is a high-pressure compressed-air supply which is mobile, independent and rechargeable. It is capable of inflating tyres, setting forks and suspension units (with its optional adapter), as well as effortlessly snapping in tubeless tyres in a few seconds. 

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Color Black
Bimp'Air Caps weight 395 g
Functions Tyre inflation, snapping in tubeless tyres (see compatibility) and setting forks/suspension units (with adapter, sold separately). Rechargeable exclusively with Origin or E-Way charging systems.
Volume 212 cc, when charged to 50 bars it contains around 12 litres of compressed air.
Equipment Inflation button, Pressure release button, Fill indicator, Relief valve and built-in pressure gauge to check pressure, Schrader connector, Presta adapter included.
Dimensions Length 22 cm, diameter 4.6 cm

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Equipped with a fill indicator, a relief valve and a built-in pressure gauge.

It is also rechargeable using the HPS, a 50-bar miniaturised compressor via two systems: ORIGIN, which recharges using pedal power, E-WAY for electric recharging.

For an Automobile use, discover the Auto Valve Connector that allows connecting in a fast and practical way the Bimp’Air Caps to the Schrader valve of your car or motorbike wheel.

For a bike use, discover the Direct Presta Adapter : accessory for Presta bike valves that allows connecting in a fast and practical way the Bimp'Air Caps to the bike wheel and save time when inflating your tire or installing your tubeless.

Once you are kitted out with your complete pack, you can also buy individual capsules for use by several family members or to increase your supply of compressed air. 

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User instructions Bimp'Air caps

User instructions for Bimp'Air, a pressurized air caps, in english version.

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