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ENERGY-C is the mechanical power take-off for the ORIGIN system. It operates with the HPS and Bimp’Air CAPS sold separately, to charge the latter using the bike’s power.  

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Color Black
Energy-C weight 180 g
Functions The bike power take-off system enables the capsule to be recharged in 6 minutes pedalling at 15 km/h once all the components have been connected.

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NB : it is already included in the ORIGIN pack but may be sold separately as a replacement or addition if you already possess a complete E-WAY system.

Le système Bimp'Air est compatible avec un diamètre maximal de 36 mmm et un axe de 9/10It is supplied with a 60 cm extension to connect the capsule to the HPS on the bike. 90 cm extensions are also available as an accessory sold separately to depending on the location you choose for your capsule on the bike.


NB : dedicated exclusively to driving the HPS and filling Bimp’Air CAPS.

NB : This capsule recharging system is only compatible for the time being with hubs up to a maximum diameter of 36 mm and 9/10 mm skewers. Other versions are in the process of being developed for other types of bike.  And a minimum distance of 15 millimeters between the fork and the hubs of the front wheel of the bicycle, as you can see in the images of the product above.

Be sure to check compatibility with your bike before going ahead with your purchase.


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ENERGY-C user instructions

User instructions for ENERGY-C the front wheel bike power take-off, compatible with hubs up to a maximum diameter of 36 mm and 9/10 mm skewers.

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